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Trust Builder 
Testimonial Package

Multi-use, personality-packed testimonials for boosted credibility and increased conversion


Have ya heard?

People are talking. And if they aren't talking about you and your brand in a positive way, you're losing credibility. And sales. 

The Trust Builder Testimonial Package is the one-and-done, credibility boosting service for brands who want to build their reputation, target ideal clients, and have a business that speaks for itself. 

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This is for you if

You're done begging people for testimonials

You want to leverage social proof to establish credibility in your industry

You're tired of one-sentence customer feedback that doesn't offer anything of value

You're ready to harness the full potential of customer testimonials to drive your business forward

The Trust Builder Testimonial Package

Eliminates the hassle

of identifying and curating the most compelling testimonials to establish your business as the trustworthy brand you know it is.

You get:

Five ready-to-use, easily-adaptable, client testimonials tailored perfectly to your ideal audience.

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A 60-minute copy kickoff call

to dive into your business — the who, what, when, where and why — and get to the core of your brand, your ideal customers, and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace.


Data Mining and Competition Research

to analyze customer behavior, preferences, and sentiments to better understand what resonates with your audience.


5 customer interviews

to capture the authentic experiences they had with your brand, and showcase the real-life reasons customers love your business.

The deets:

All the fine-print details you need to know:

If the contact information regarding your high-value customers is up-to-date, you'll get your optimized testimonials back in just six weeks, ready to upload to your marketing materials. 

Each testimonial will include consent from customers, ensuring remarks may be used in marketing.

The selection of testimonials will emphasize diversity of experience, showcasing a broad range of customers to build a more inclusive brand image. 


This package is designed to make you—and your wallet—happy, with a one-time investment of

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Impressively good at asking the right questions to get the testimonials you need.

"Danielle has a particularly unique talent for knowing exactly what needs to be said and how best to say it. Her copy is engaging and charismatic, and her words evoke a sense of awe with just the right amount of added humor and personality."

—Faith Donovan,

Put to the Proof


Ready to boost your credibility with the Trust Builder Testimonial Package?

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