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What We’re All About Over Here

I’m Danielle, your new favorite cousin. Kidding! I’m sure you’ve already got a favorite cousin. Fun fact, though — I don’t. (Though there is an ongoing favorite cousin competition going on in my family and I may finally be starting to pull ahead.)
Instead of one favorite cousin, I have a gaggle of them. And here’s what happens when we all get together —
we start telling stories. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes serious, but always, always unforgettable. Whether it’s hearing about the time my aunt and father built a boat in their Philadelphia basement as children (and subsequently, couldn’t get it out), or the time my cousin Jennifer told a stranger that his nostrils spelled “D.I.D.,” well-told stories do more than get your attention — they stick.
And that’s what we do at Favorite Cousin Copy Co. — we tell stories that stick.

Danielle Davies

When I was about seven years old, I penned my first poem. It was about butterflies. I’ll spare you the actual poem — it didn’t make any sense and was four very childlike lines long — but it spurred a lifelong obsession with the written word, both mine and others.


I’ve been a writer all my life. For about two decades, I’ve been a professional (aka paid) freelance writer, producing content for a variety of newspapers and magazines, but even before that, I was involved in various bookish pursuits — college libraries, mall bookstores, publishing companies, you name the writing industry and I’ve spent time working there. And while I’ve done all this, I’ve helped friends with every kind of writing task under the sun, from teacher-of-the-year and immigration letters to family obituaries, business newsletters and college essays.


One of my favorite things about being a journalist was hearing the stories behind the story — the origins of the idea, the reasons for the painting, the goal of the project — and then helping to share that with an audience. I liked it so much that now I want to do it directly for people who are bringing amazing projects to life, all while strategizing the next best steps for their brand.


I’m excited to use my experience to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, musicians and political candidates share their stories in a way that captivates readers and amplifies their message.

And I can’t wait to hear from you!

Smiling woman in pink shirt sitting in library with lots of books

Want to know more?
I know! I’m positively fascinating! Here, SIX fun facts about me for no reason at all…

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Danielle Davies

I’m fame-adjacent. I’ve interviewed some pretty big names out there, including Kevin Bacon, U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth, Toby Keith, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action, and comedians Sebastian Maniscalco and Ken Jeong. I even have comedian Chris Distefano’s number saved on my phone (shhhh…I don’t think he knows).

But I’m not actually famous. I’m so not famous that I tried to write a book about it. The book, which was tentatively titled “My Life With Bradley Cooper,” went nowhere, but the accompanying photo project went viral, ironically making me somewhat famous for a little while. (There was a day in 2014 when you could google “Bradley Cooper” and I was the top hit. Ah, my fifteen minutes…)

I ran for political office in 2017 and then I started a political company helping moms run for office. I’m not politically involved anymore, but I’m pretty savvy when it comes to campaign strategies and materials.

I have a few freak things that truly disgust me. Number one?

Used straw wrappers.


I am supremely klutzy. Like fall-off-the-front-porch-in-your-prom-dress klutzy.

I’m a former vegan.
But not like the super fit kind of vegan person that you might assume is
vegan — my diet includes lots of Oreos.







Here's where you can find some of my work:

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